Friday, June 26, 2009

Fruit2Day Review

If your family is like mine, we are on the go a lot and don't always take the time to eat the way we should. So I was really happy to hear about a new product that offers a healthy alternative to unhealthy snack foods that we often grab when we're in a hurry.

Fruit2Day is a unique beverage/snack. The website says it's not a juice, it's a snack. I would agree it is not a juice. It has more of a thinned out smoothie consistency with little chunks of fruit in it. It is all natural, with no sugar added and only has 110-120 calories per serving. And it contains 2 full servings of fruit! It comes in four flavors: Cherry Grape, Strawberry Orange, Pineapple Banana and Mango Peach. Packaged perfectly in a 6.5oz bottle, you can just grab it and go.

My samples arrived icy cold and my oldest son immediately grabbed the Mango Peach and started chugging/chewing. He gave it rave reviews. My youngest, who likes almost nothing, snagged the Pineapple Banana bottle and took one drink and declared it "gross." At least he was true to form. I tried the Strawberry Orange. Here's my honest review about it: while I loved the flavor combination, I had a hard time with the chunks of fruit mixed with the liquid. But I have texture issues when it comes to food, so the combination kind of threw me off. Seperately, the juice and the fruit were good. The fruit was not mushy, it was firm and crisp and sweet...not icky or sour. There were lots of chunks of strawberry, little bits of orange pulp, and many tiny pineapple pieces and the juice was a delicious mixture of several different all natural fruit juices mixed with banana puree, which would account for the consistency.

Later that evening my husband tried the Cherry Grape flavor and declared it "not bad." I noticed he finished his bottle quickly and asked me to pick some up for his lunch box, so I am assuming that "not bad" meant "pretty good."

I will definitely buy them again for a healthy snack for my son and husband, but in the spirit of being honest, I probably won't drink them myself. While I absolutely love the concept of this healthy drink/snack, I can't get over my texture issues enough to give Fruit2Day a place in my personal food routine. I am ecstatic that my son likes it though and am happy to keep it handy for him, as I would much rather have him drink/eat one of these than a handful of chips or a candy bar. Now if I can just get my little guy on board!

Wanna try Fruit2Day for yourself? Two (2) Lucky readers can win a coupon for a free 2-Pack of Fruit2Day! Just leave a comment telling me which flavor you think you might like! Contest is open to U.S. and Canadian Residents and ends at 12 midnight MST on July 10th. Win extra entries by Twittering this contest or mentioning the contest on your blog! Leave separate comments letting me know about your extra entries.

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  1. My son would like the Peach/Mango. I would probably like the Strawberry/Banana. Although,
    I sometimes have issues with stuff you eat/drink also.