Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Chemical-free cleaning with Steamboy T1 Mop Giveaway

Housecleaning causes me lots of stress, mostly because I am still trying to find a way to enjoy it. Because I tend to be a "gadget" person, I can pretend like I would enjoy housework more if I had a cool gadget with which to clean. Like a Steamboy. It's a floor cleaner, folks, not a hot dude in a sauna. Anyway...I'm trying to win one. The floor cleaner, not the hot sauna dude. Unless the sauna dude mops floors, then maybe....

Anyway...Check out this contest at 3 Kids and Us :

Steam clean your way to a greener life with the Steamboy T1 Steam Mop. Chemical-free cleaning with the power of steam just got easier. Read about the experience mom blogger Cat at 3 Kids and Us had with her Steamboy T1 and enter to win a steam mop for your house too! Giveaway ends May 31st.

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