Thursday, May 21, 2009

Woolite Drycleaner's Secret

I'm not really big on buying clothing that has to be drycleaned. I used to have a whole closet full of dresses that required drycleaning. This was when I owned my own business and was busy in the corporate world. Yeah...Pre-Boymom days. I no longer have most of those dresses for a few reasons. First, I had kids and outgrew a few of them cuz I now have Mom Body. Second, a few picked up stains that never would come out, no matter what anyone tried. And mother-in-law washed about 7 of them, thinking she was doing me a favor, in the washing machine. It never occurred to her to read the labels. How long has this women been doing laundry?! ? So my 7 dryclean only dresses went through the washer and dryer and came out the size of my old doll clothes. I actually cried I was so angry. I swore I would never do drycleaning stuff again. (I don't know why boycotting dryclean only clothes made the situation seem bearable, but it did. I never said I was a rational person!) But we all know "never" rarely means never and I have managed to pick up a few really nice tops and a couple of dresses and a skirt that require I make a visit to the drycleaner once in awhile.

So imagine how excited I was to get the opportunity to try Drycleaner's Secret by Woolite. Drycleaning is getting expensive! The thought of saving gas AND time AND money? I am so on it!

I used one of my blouses with a stain on it (enchilada sauce) and my husband's wrinkled rayon suit pants that were laying in the back of the closet waiting to be dropped off at the drycleaners for the trial run. The pants were dusty and smelled kind of sweaty. Drycleaner's Secret comes in the form of cloths that are moistened (wet would be a better word) with a drycleaning/spotting solution. I followed instructions and put a paper towel behind the stain, then dabbed it with the wet sheet. After a few minutes of working at the stain most of it was gone, but it wasn't completely removed. The pants had no stains, so I threw them in the dryer with the drycleaning cloth and my blouse and ran them on low for 20 minutes. No bags, no hard steps, just throw the cloth in the dryer with the clothes.

The pants came out great! They smelled nice and they were unwrinkled and ready to go! The blouse came out just okay. The stain was still just a tiny bit visible, but the blouse came out looking and smelling really nice other than that.

So...I think the product is fantastic for simple drycleaning of items that need just a freshening up. The stain removal power probably depends on the age and type of stain. I will definitely post another review when I try it on a different type of stain.

Dry Cleaner's Secret comes boxed in a 6 pack, with each sheet capable of cleaning 4 garments per load. That's 24 garments you can clean at home for around $10, which is waaaaaay cheaper than the drycleaner! While it may not work for every garment, it will definitely be part of my laundry routine for items that don't require major surgery to clean.

Stay tuned to I Am Boymom for a chance to win your own box of Drycleaner's Secret!

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