Monday, August 3, 2009

Sun Detergent Review

A few weeks ago I received a free bottle of Sun Detergent to try. I have to be honest and admit this is not a brand I usually purchase, mostly because it is on the lower end of the price scale and being the detergent snob that I am, I had preconcieved notions about how well it might clean my clothes.

So I decided to take the plunge and use it on one of my worst loads of kids dirty, stinky clothes and really put it to the test. The first thinbg I noticed is that it is clear. No color. Maybe it's a mental thing, but that one thing alone made me feel better about using the detergent. Less additives.

There is a slight fragrance, but it is very light. Again, while I don't mind some things smelling nice and flowery after being washed, I don't need my boys getting funny looks cause they smell all perfumey! Plus my Little Man has sensitive skin and sometimes the additives in detergents irritate his skin. So again...very little scent was a good thing in my book.

I threw the load in with the measured amount of Sun detergent and let the washer and the saop do their thang. the load came out clean and fresh, except for a stain on one shirt that I neglected to pre-treat. The sweat? Gone. The dirt? Gone. The smell? Gone.

Since I had pre-treated everything else but the shirt, I decided to do a test load without pre-treating the stains. I tried the detergent on some of my husband's work clothes that tend to come home with grease spots and food from lunch, as well as HUGE sweat stains from working out in the sun all day. After running a load through a pre-soak, a heavy duty wash and an extra rinse, some of the food stains came our, but most of the grease spots remained. So I know when I use Sun Detergent that pre-treating the stains is necessary for the detergent to do it's job. But I have to pre-treat with other detergents too, so I am not suggesting this is a weakness directed only at Sun, it happens to be an issue I have with lots of detergents.

So, for the price, I am definitely going to be looking at Sun Detergent as an alternative to some of the more pricey stuff I have been using. It does a good job with basic laundry needs and I love the fact that it is free af some of the additives that other detergents contain. I am happy to report that I am no longer a detergent snob.

A big thanks to MomSelect and Sun Detergent for giving me the opportunity to test this product and for offering coupons for me to share with my readers. I usually hold contests to determine winners, but decided this time i would reward my loyalist readers with a free bottle of Sun Detergent, courtesy of SUn and MomSelect.

These Bloggers have been with me almost from the beginning of my blog and I think they deserve a reward for sticking around!

Stefany at Pikes Pickles
Miss Hope at Hope from the Edge
Stacy at Johnson Team Mom
Kristi at Kunz Family
Sports Mama at You Don't Have to Like Me

Thanks Ladies!!! You have added so much to my blogging experience! Enjoy the Sun Detergent!


  1. YOU ARE TOO COOL!!!! I love trying new things and if my people aren't allergic to this and it's cheaper? I am ALL about it! Thank you so much for thinking of me...I really and truly appreciate it!

    p.s. Stefany and I might be stirring up something new and you will totally be in on it! I'm just saying...

  2. Why thank you my dear friend. I look forward to trying it.

  3. How awesome is that? :)

    And here is where I admit to once upon a time, wayyyy back before multiple job losses, I was a detergent snob, too. I've actually used the Sun brand before, and was pleased. My boys have pretty sensitive skin, too, and this stuff didn't make them itch nearly as badly as another, costlier, big name brand does.

    Thanks!! :)

  4. Free? Did you say Free? I'm in baby! :)