Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Disney on Ice - Turns Out Mr. Incredible Can Skate!

One of the blessings this blog has given me is the opportunity to work with businesses like Feld Entertainment and Mom Central.

Feld Entertainment and Mom Central were nice enough to send us to Disney on Ice last week, where we had a wonderful time enjoying the Disneyland Adventure themed skating show.

I have to be honest, I was a little afraid that my boys might not be into ice skating. But they seemed excited by the fact that it was Disney related, as our recent first trip to Disneyland is still fresh in their minds.

When we got to the US Airways arena we were able to meet and visit with other Mom Bloggers from Mom Central. We met some really great folks (Melanie at My Little Patch of Sunshine and the Hartung Family whose blog address I misplaced!) and had a light dinner before the Incredibles showed up for pictures. Our family loves the Incredibles...we so identify with their family dynamic!

The boys were really interested in looking cool with their cousin, who was our guest for the night!

After shaking hands with Mr. Incredible we went to the arena and took our seats. The souvenir vendors were out in force and of course the kids had to have a souvenir, and thankfully Grandma gave me some pocket money for the event. The boys chose a Dash cup with a snowcone in it. Pretty cool.

The show itself was really fun, the storyline was the adventures of The Incredible family as they visited Disneyland. It was really fun to see the different parts of the park being represented as the show unfolded...Frontierland, Pirates of the Caribbean, even the Teacups were all part of the presentation! Of course Syndrome showed up to try create some chaos and Frozone showed up to assist the Incredibles. The special effects created with the lighting were really interesting and fun and the skaters were all very talented, doing jumps and spins and really giving their all to make a good show.

Remember a few posts back when I was wondering how Mr. Incredible would do on ice? Pretty darn good, let me tell ya! The out-of-shape Mr. Incredible was the in-shape guy with a big belly pad.

The little girl behind us loved, loved, loved the show and screamed her lungs out everytime a new Disney character popped out onto the ice. My boys thought her reaction was a bit extreme (I think the exact quote was "she was crazy and LOUD, mom!") but I thought she was really cute and it was hilarious to see her get so excited.

The Disney on Ice show is over here in Phoenix but it's still going on in other parts of the country! Here's a link with the show schedules. It is a really fun way to spend an evening and if you go to you can still get tickets. be sure to enter the coupon code MOM to get a discount on a family 4-pack!

Feld Entertainment has been in business since the 1960's and run by the same family for 3 generations. They focus on quality family entertainment and along with Disney on Ice, they also put on Ringling Barnum and Bailey Circus and Disney Live shows. One of the things that impressed me about Feld Entertaiment is their contributions to communities they visit. Through their ticket donations, Feld has provided more than 330,000 children with an opportunity to attend one of their wonderful productions.

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