Friday, April 24, 2009

Florastor Kids

I was recently invited by Mom Select to try out a new product called Florastor® Kids. I have to tell you, it actually came at a really good time. My kids have both been sick recently and both required antibiotics to kill the bacteria. Because I have had some pretty severe health problems due to overuse of antibiotics, I am very paranoid about the use of antibiotics for my children.

Florastor® Kids is a product that helps restore the good bacteria our childrens' bodies need to help their digestive and intestinal systems function properly.

Now for the technical part of the review:

Dr. James Sears, board-certified pediatrician, author and co-host of the CBS-TV show “The Doctors,” has recommended Florastor Kids to patients for years. Below are some of the answers he gave in a recent interview about the product:

  • What is the active ingredient in Florastor Kids and how does it work? The active ingredient in Florastor Kids is a freeze-dried form of yeast called Saccharomyces boulardii lyo. It helps promote the growth of good microbiota, while attracting and removing pathogens from the intestines.
  • Have any clinical tests been done to demonstrate the safety and efficacy of Florastor Kids? Yes. The active ingredient in Florastor Kids, Saccharomyces boulardii lyo, has been studied in more than 40 clinical trials. Studies have been published in top medical journals, including the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) and Gastroenterology magazine.
  • How do the effects of Florastor Kids differ from those of bacteria-based probiotics, such as acidophilus? One of the key differences in a yeast-based probiotic, such as Florastor Kids, is that it can not be killed by antibiotics, and it, in turn, protects the body’s own flora during the course of antibiotic treatment to guard against antibiotic-associated diarrhea. Antibiotic-associated diarrhea occurs when antibiotics disturb the natural balance of “good” and “bad” microbiota in the intestinal tract, causing harmful bacteria to grow far beyond their normal numbers.
  • Why would a parent choose to treat a bout of diarrhea with Florastor Kids as opposed to an anti-diarrheal product? Anti-diarrheal medications such as loperamide (Imodium) are typically not recommended for young children. Florastor Kids helps remove toxins from the intestines and at the same time bolsters the body’s defense against the pathogens.

I was personally very glad to learn the Florastor Kids cannot be killed by antibiotics. We recieved and began using the product a week after both of my boys were done with their course of antibiotics. Little man always struggles with "gut issues" after the antibiotics. ALWAYS. I will tell you, Florastor Kids went to work immediately and he has never recovered from a course of antibiotics as quickly as he did with the Florastor Kids. After 2 days of using the powder, which I put in juice for him, his gut attacks disappeared. It was awesome for both of us. Little Man is very vocal and very grumpy when his tummy is rumbling and his booty is busy.

Because Florastor Kids is such an effective tool to deal with diarrhea, we decided to pick some up for our 72 hour emergency kits. It would be great to take along when you travel too

Florastor Kids is available in a box of 10 powder packets for a suggested price of $12.95 and in a box of 20 powder packets for a suggested price of $21.95.

In my opinion it is totally worth the price. Knowing there is a natural remedy available when my kids need help dealing with gut issues puts my mind at ease and the speed with which it worked makes it a worthwhile item to keep in my medicine cabinet.

You can find it at most pharmacies or check out the Florastor website to see who carries it in your area.

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