Friday, March 13, 2009

Ballas Hough Band New CD Review

Have you heard of the Ballas Hough Band? They're new. If you're a fan of Dancing with the Stars (I catch it now and again...Cloris Leachman was a hoot last season!), you'll recognize the 2 lead singers of BHB. Mark and Derek were both top dancers on the show the last few seasons! So they dance AND sing! And now they have a band!

I listened to the CD yesterday when I went to pick up the kids from school. The songs all have a really fresh sound, very upbeat. The first song on the CD, "Do It For You," was co-written by the new American Idol judge, Kira DioGuardi. The second track, "Devastated" was kind of edgy and with lots of interesting musical sounds to back up the singing. "Longing For" is a nice, sweet ballad that will have your tween girls swooning,

My boys are 7 and 9 and thought the music was kind of "cool" and my 13 year old niece has hijacked the CD. While I enjoyed the songs, I think Ballas Hough's audience really is the "tween" set. Their songs, while hip and current, have a Boy Band sound that I could not listen to more than once in awhile. My niece big red puffy hearts them!

I hope the band makes it though, because they really are talented guys and I think they will continue to have an impact on the music world. It will be interesting to see how their sound and music matures as they continue their career. Their music is fresh and fun, but I think it plays better for a younger crowd.

Wanna check out the new CD? Buy it here.

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